With all of the benefits of Suramin derived from pine needles, we needed to build our immune systems. We wanted to share the opportunity of these benefits with everyone since we have Canadian White Pine in our own back yard!

We Practice Sustainable Harvesting
To sustainably harvest, we gather our needles from trees that are earmarked for cutting down by our local arborist.

The History of Pine Needle Tea
Historically, the Native Americans, particularly the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois), considered White Pine Trees the “Tree of Peace.” Knowledge of its healing properties eventually garnered the attention of Eurocentric science and research, including its abundance in Vitamin C.

Which Pine is Best?
Don't be fooled by imitations. Eastern White Pine naturally grows in very few places in the world.Are all Pine Needles safe for Tea? The simple answer is no; they’re not. This is because some varieties contain harmful toxins. Serving any of these as a Loose Herbal Tea can lead to adverse side effects. It is therefore best to buy Eastern White Pine Needle Tea that has been safely sourced, including from us.

The Power Of PineVitamins, minerals and other antioxidants;Vitamin C, Alpha-Pinene, Beta-Pinene, Beta-Phellandrene, D-Limonene, Germacrene D, 3-Carene, Caryophyllene and Vitamin A.

How To Make Our Tea
Time needed: 10-20 minutes. 

Directions: One serving:1. 2 tsp chopped needles in a steeper (or use one of our tea bags) and place in a mug.2. Fill mug with boiling water, cover, and steep for 5 to 20 minutes; the longer the better.

Multiple servings:1. ¼ cup chopped needles in a French press, or 3 of our tea bags.2. Fill the French press with boiling water, cover, and steep for 5 to 20 minutes; the longer the better.

Drink hot or let it cool down to then refrigerate to enjoy cold.Can re-steep up to two more times. 

Needles do turn brown naturally but still retain their benefits; their flavor and color become more concentrated. Store the fresh, unused needles or tea bags in a cool, dry, dark space or refrigerate; good for 1 month. Or freeze for up to 12 months.

If pregnant or breastfeeding, it is recommend that you do not use this product. If any allergic reactions occur, immediately discontinue consumption. We suggest adhering to the recommended moderate consumption of our Pine Needle Tea to no more than 3 to 5 times per week. We do not claim that our products will help you recover from any disease, nor do we assume responsibility for any consequences from its use.